3 Virtual Reality Coming to Car Showrooms

Virtual reality is a technology that is creating waves in almost all industries. The car industry is no exemption. From 3D models shown on websites like 247spares.co.uk to help the customers choose the right car for their need, after seeing all that the car has to offer, today the virtual reality is bound to hit the showrooms too.

Here are 3 virtual realities that are coming to the car showrooms in the near future:

Test Drive

With VR technology, the car showrooms can give a great test drive experience for the customers, without risking the safety of both the car and the customer. For whatever terrains and features the company can claim, a VR test road is provided. The customer can now drive on their own and experience the smoothness, breaks, and other features of the car in the provided terrain.

These virtual test drives give customers a firsthand experience of the car without having to sit on the side and observe the driver driving it (like how it has happened all these years). This saves a lot of time for the customer and money for the dealer. One can finish buying a car in a matter of a few minutes.


The dealer can now show a virtual version of the car of the customer’s choice in a color he prefers. One need not just see the catalog and decide. It is a known fact that colors will very appealing when it is just spread over 2 inches on paper and will look completely different when it covers a 5-6 ft car.

The customer can also get a virtual image of the car in a location of his choice. It can be a busy marketplace or a posh garage. They can view the inside and outside of the car without the car having to be physically present in the showroom.

Future Models

When the company authorizes the dealers to divulge details about the upcoming models to prospective customers, they don’t have to just go into detail to describe the car to the best of their ability. They can show a virtual image of the car and the features proposed. This will give the customer a better idea, and can even result in a few successful sales even before the car is launched.