Brilliant ways that Technology is changing beauty

While it doesn’t really seem logical that technology has even made its way into the beauty industry, it really has done just that. In fact, technology is changing the industry in more ways than you can imagine. From the way in which a salon is organized to the way in which clients receive services and everything in between, you can bet your bottom dollar that technology is involved to some extent.

Scientifically Formulated Products Based on Molecular Biology

Perhaps one of the biggest ways in which technology is changing the beauty industry is through molecular biology. Now it is possible with products available at to actually get down deep into the molecular structure of hair, skin and nails to literally see the effect products are having when used and if there is any damage being done.

Digital Imaging and Manipulation of Photos

Now it is possible to get a real feel for what you will look like with a new hairdo or a new color altogether. You start with a photo of yourself and superimpose haircuts and various colors on the foundation image which is the photo of you.

Customer-Centric PaaS

More and more businesses are using Cloud based platforms to organize and run their companies. It is no different in the world of cosmetology and so a salon can use the platform for everything from keeping track of financials to letting clients view the salon appointment book in order to book their own time with their stylist.

The Internet and Social Media

Who can forget the role the Internet and social media plays in the beauty industry? Trends are set and broken in the blink of an eye and it only takes one image to go viral to change a trend literally overnight. Social media is perhaps the biggest driver in the world of cosmetology and it is all possible thanks to the Information super Highway and underlying technology.

So, there you have just four ways in which technology is changing the beauty industry.