The Best Things to Do as a Family without Technology

You will be really surprised to know that there are a whole lot of fun-filled activities without technology.  You can engage in those and spend quality time in a healthy way.  Read on to know more:

Cook together and have moonlight dinner:  It is really fun to cook dinner as a family.  Plan and decide the menu.  Take care that children do not involve in risky activities.  You can make them do little jobs like washing the vegetable, arranging the plates etc.  Have a dinner by arranging tables on the deck or terrace.

Play together:  Playing together improves team spirit.  Children will learn to stay together during tough times.  For doing this there are a whole lot of games and accessories like shoes which you can buy by taking the kids to starwalkkids.

Gardening:  An easy way to make the kids eat a healthy meal is to make them grow those vegetables.  Making children work in a kitchen garden is a happy task. The kids will feel proud to see their plants grow up.

Storytelling:  Tell moral stories to kids.  Encourage them to tell stories.  This will increase their vocabulary skills and remove shyness.  Do this as a family activity and reward kids with little things they love.

Volunteer:  There are a whole lot of volunteering activities going on in your surroundings.  Collect details about them.  By volunteering as a family you become a role model for your kid.  You can bring up your children as responsible citizens when you engage them in volunteering.

Swimming:  Swimming is an excellent physical exercise.  It helps in improving immunity and helps children gain height easily.

Take a walk:  Daily take a walk as a family.  This will help you stay as a healthy family.

Picnic to zoo/science park:  Going as a picnic to the zoo or science park will be an interesting activity for all the age group members in a family.