Tips to Get 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Some years back, logging on to YouTube was more about fulfilling pleasure than anything else. However, in the dynamic world of digital trends, there’s definitely no way things would have remained the same forever. Now while still satisfying the pleasure of a lot of audiences across different facets of life, YouTube has grown to become a video content haven, and content creators are getting ‘caught in the act’.

Gone are the days when number of views does not really matter. To be more relevant and active on the platform, you have to get to create contents that are rich and produced with top quality tools. After this, you can start making calculated moves to boost the viewership of your videos on YouTube. So, let’s see how you – your video – can gain 1 billion views on YouTube.

Now you may think that’s too huge of a figure or feat to achieve? You’ve got to consider this: a recent study shows that 6 out of every 10 persons will preferably subscribe to watching videos on platforms in the mold of YouTube than switching between stations on conventional TV. Add that to the fact that about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a daily basis. From these, you should start seeing the possibility in amassing views for your video contents. All you need to do is to create a video that causes the internet to buzz or to go aflame, and in no time such (video) will be ranking in the same class with the likes of Gangnam Style and Despacito.

How to get 1 billion views on YouTube

You needn’t be a celebrity to have your video hit the 1 billion mark; you just have to start acting out simple steps:

  • Quality is key: The first thing is to ensure good quality. This means that you must invest in good sound; first-rate lighting and camera; the setting must look as though it were a professional shoot.
  • The message must be clear: A good communication is sewn in the fabric of clarity. The message need not be long; keep it simple and let the opening line be one that appeals. Again, you should consider tapping into the power of words – catchy ones – when choosing a title and describing the video.
  • Optimize your video: You also need to promote the video with some fervency – but don’t be so desperate. Let others know about the videos by sharing it. However, it has to be said that for your video to get a billion, you do not have to do much of the sharing. Other persons will do that for you as time goes by provided your content is loaded.
  • Do the deal: Well, if you can’t wait to see to your videos getting that desired result, then you can think of investing some cash in buying views. There are sites YouTube views kaufen wo. You can check these sites out on the internet but note this: nothing can substitute for top quality videos.