How to Build Your Own Technicolor Optical Fiber Coat

Technology in the fashion sector aims at making the whole experience convenient and less time-consuming. There are numerous benefits for the fashion designers as well as for the consumers. The applications are many but the purpose remains the same- advancement that can make fashion more enjoyable and relevant or personalized. Today you can use your smartphone to look for your favorite stores nearby or even to purchase replica prada handbags cheap. All these can be done in a matter of a few clicks. You can place your orders during the night or when you find a time when a physical store might not be open. Such convenience is not the only benefit of technology in fashion. The options for customization of the designs is one of the biggest perks.

Take the case of choosing a dress for example- besides the actual pattern of the dress and the fabric choice, there is one other deciding factor and that is the color of the dress. What if you could pick a dress that can change colors? This is what technicolor optical fiber coats can do for you. These are coats that look like any ordinary coats but these are special.

  • Finalize your coat design- this would also include considerations about where you want the lights and where you want the fabric
  • Use a chic coat as the base.
  • Purchase an optic fiber kit for costume designs
  • Have a concealed pocket for the light switch
  • Start with separating the fibers and laying them out in the pattern you wish to create.
  • Hold the fibers in place and sew them.
  • Look for any loose ends and conceal them with fabric if required.
  • Keep the trigger accessible so that you can conveniently change the lights and the light colors.

Flaunt your shimmery optic fiber coat and click some great pictures to show off what you created!