The Advantages of 3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology has come a long way as an effective, economical and time-saving option over the traditional printing methods. It has unique advantages that make it the printing technology of choice for many professionals. Here are some of the most striking advantages of 3D printing technology.

Saves time

3D printing is one of the fastest printing methods around. It allows you to bring your ideas into reality quickly by reducing the time needed for lengthy development process required in the traditional methods,helpingcompanies stay ahead of their competitors.

Saves money

3D printing technology helps reduce the three major costs in manufacturing, namely, material cost, labor cost and the machine operating cost. The additive manufacturing process helps create parts and tools at a much lower cost than other technologies.

Reduces risk

Prototyping and verifying a design before making investment in costly molding tools helps save time and money in the long run. The risk of redesigning an expensive mold can be mitigated by creating prototypes using the 3D printing technology.

Ease of communication

Just as a picture is more effective than a thousand words, showing a conceptual model or representation of the product using 3D printing technology helps bring more clarity in communication and avoid misinterpretations.

Real-life testing

Actually holding a physical representation of a product in hand, touching it, feeling it and using it is hands down the most effective way of testing its quality, worth and usefulness. No amount of pictures or virtual prototyping can achieve this but 3D printing.


Unlike mass-produced products, in 3D printing, a product can be tweaked and customized to one’s individual requirements. This is a boon to industries like medical, dental, fashion or jewelry where personalization of products to a client’s unique needs and tastes is so important.

Although it’s far from entirely replacing some of the established methods, with these unique advantages,this  $500 3d printer with latest 3D printing technology is rapidly growing as the printing method of choice for many designers and manufacturers alike.