Spam Attack!

A good friend of ours in the computer history community, whose privacy we wish to protect, has advised us that a Web site devoted to pornography, hot chat and so-called “multi-level marketing” has appeared under the trade name “Club Chacaltaya” and with the domain name

We assure you that, as you must realize, we have no relationship, whether commercial or personal, with this site or any of its principals. According to InterNIC, its server is located in Jersey, Channel Islands, with an administrative contact in Belgium. We are looking into the question of recourse insofar as our operations or reputation may suffer implicit damage. Meanwhile, although we concede that there is absolutely nothing we can do about this, we regret and deplore any confusion that these spammers may cause.


Vintage Computer Festival!

The 1997 Vintage Computer Festival, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the good old Apple ][, was held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton CA on Saturday, October 25th and Sunday, October 26th. The Festival included guest lecturers, presentations, and a flea market and swap meet.

VCF 2.0, tentatively scheduled for 1998, promises to be one of the year’s premier computer history events for the general public. More details at the VCF site.



Quite a few people ask us about selling old computers. Almost as many ask us about buying old computers. Beginning with Engine 4.2, we’ll give buyers and sellers their own special channel with classified ads….cheap, like about US$10 for a 2″x2.5″ single insertion. By using these ads you’ll be buying from (or selling to) one of the best-qualified audiences of technical collectors in the world. E-mail to if you’d like to try one.



The CHAC History page goes from strength to strength as over one hundred and ten URLs have been added since the update at the beginning of May. Look especially for

  • More Acorn
  • More Amiga
  • More Apple ][ and ///
  • More NeXT
  • More Z88
  • More calculators — we’re working toward being as strong in TI as we are in HP.

Between now and mid-1998 we will add significant local resources to help those who are repairing, restoring and experimenting with “deep legacy” hardware. The CHAC’s ultimate ambition is to offer (at least some) information on any computer that a collector is likely to acquire. Browse us often and, please, keep those URLs coming!



Analytical Engine 4.1 is in the mail. See the Engine page for details and a TOC.




Dr. Douglas Engelbart, titan of human-computer interaction and the inventor of the mouse, has received the third annual Lemelson-MIT Prize for American Innovation, which includes an award of US$500,000. He will use the award, through his Bootstrap Institute in Fremont CA, to “keep bringing people together via computer into the new millennium.” The CHAC endorses that goal and congratulates Dr. Engelbart on this recognition of a lifetime’s hard work and inspiration.

Apparently he didn’t originate the name “mouse,” but it’s just as well somebody did, since the device was patented as an “x-y positioning indicator,” and personally we can’t imagine asking for one of those in a retail computer store….although certainly it’s no worse than “PCI SCSI bus-mastering controller….”